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For our patients and the public – get actively involved in our research

Image of 4 people"As a lay member you feel part of the organisation and this encourages the level of participation - it's something that the BRC at UCLH does very well, taking the role of lay member as being one of value" - lay panel member. 

The BRC is keen for patients and lay people to be actively involved in our work.

We don’t just want people to know about our work and research - we also want people to have an active input. We don’t just want people to take part in our research as participants - but we want people to help us design and conduct our research.

We believe this kind of active input makes our research better. Patient and public involvement (PPI) in research can lead to treatments that better meet the needs of users and the public, and to research results that are more likely to be put into practice.

We have established a lay panel in each of our programmes. These groups of lay people meet on a regular basis and, as well as providing input into the strategic direction of our BRC, they can get actively involved in advising on various elements of a research study such as looking at grant or ethics applications, reviewing plain english summaries or advising on how best to recruit patients to trials. A lay representative also sits on each of our programme boards.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a lay panel member, see details below
  Programme board lay representative Contact details                                                                             
Cancer Richard Sutton-Mattocks               Tina Osadolor t.osadolor@ucl.ac.uk
Infection, Immunity and Inflammation  Susan Warlow Dr Nandi Simpson i.simpson@ucl.ac.uk
Cardiometabolic Alan Keys                                         Dr Louise English l.english@ucl.ac.uk 
Neurosciences Jackie Ashley Dr Dan Herron daniel.herron@ucl.ac.uk

What kinds of ways can I be involved in research?

There are many ways patients and members of the public can get actively involved in our research, from helping to design research projects, to taking part in focus groups or helping with recruitment.

Patients and the public can:

  • look at research from a practical point of view and suggest practical solutions to problems
  • help improve patient leaflets and invitation letters so they are accessible
  • help co-produce reports on research findings 
  • advise us how to tell people about our research

Find out more about getting involved

Image of womanIf you are interested in getting involved in research:

  • visit People in Research which provides information specifically for the public - researchers wanting to find members of the public to get involved in their research also advertise on the site
  • look at the resources on the INVOLVE website – INVOLVE is a national advisory group supporting greater public involvement in NHS and public health research and is funded by the National Institute for Health Research  (NIHR)
  • go to the Involving London website which helps patients and the public find out how they can get involved in health and social care research. The aim is to bring them together with researchers in London who want to involve people in their work.
  • if you are a patient, ask if there is a patient group you might join.

If you just want to know more about our research, read our news stories or look out for public events and lectures on the UCL’s event guide.

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