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BRC awards over £500k to neuroscience projects

The BRC has awarded over half a million pounds to groundbreaking experimental medicine research projects in neuroscience.

By making the awards the BRC is developing some of the most cutting edge research.

The awards, totaling £622,000 and ranging from £75,000 to £100,000, were confirmed last month and go to seven innovative research projects out of a total of 31 applicants.

BRC neuroscience programme director Professor Nick Wood said: “We were tremendously impressed and excited with the quality of the applications we received and would, if funds had allowed, liked to have awarded even more projects. We were looking for research which offered a hope of delivering real improvements in diagnosis, and management of the many untreatable neurological diseases".

Projects funded include research into: networks in the brain associated with High-Frequency Oscillations in patients with epilepsy;  the brain signals of patients undergoing Deep Brain Stimulations for Parkinson’s; use of cells from the lining of the nose to repair damaged nerves in the spinal cord; the identification of new targets for drug intervention in neurodegenerative disease; useful outcomes in treating in a potential trial of a drug for hereditary sensory neuropathy type 1; next generation sequencing of DNA to better understand neurological diseases; and effect of silencing the mutant gene in cells from outside the brain in Huntington's disease.

For more details about the funded projects go to the neuroscience funding awards page.