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NIHR release new standards for good public involvement

The NIHR has published six new standards for PPI (patient and public involvement).

The new National Standards for Public Involvement in Research provide a framework for reflecting and improving the purpose, quality and consistency of involving members of the public in research.

They are intended to encourage both the approach and behaviour supporting flexibility, partnership and collaboration, learning culture, sharing of good practice and effective communications.

Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director for Patients, Carers and the Public and PPI Theme Lead for the UCLH BRC said:  “This is an exciting milestone for the UK to have reached in public involvement. I hope it will mean greater clarity for everyone on what good public involvement looks like.  The BRC will be using the draft standards this year so that we are well-placed to fully implement them when they are finalised in the Spring of 2019.”

They six standards describe building blocks for good public involvement and are for people and organisations that conduct research, support research and do public involvement to improve research.

The standards are:

  • a description of what good public involvement in research looks like
  • designed to encourage self-reflection and learning, including where lessons have been learned when public involvement has failed to lead to expected outcomes
  • a tool to help people and organisations identify what they are doing well, and what needs improving
  • intended to be used with any method or approach to public involvement in research
  • adaptable to your own situation and can be used alongside other resources such as case studies, public involvement checklists, and toolkits


For more information visit the NIHR website.