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Can stress benefit our immune system? 20 August 2015

UCL researchers are looking into whether short-lived stress can have a beneficial effect on people’s susceptibility to infections.

Neo-natal seizure drugs lack efficacy, say researchers 17 August 2015

BRC funded researchers have demonstrated the lack of efficacy of drugs currently in use for neo-natal seizures.

Drive to cure dementia boosted with 60% rise in volunteers 14 August 2015

There has been a big rise in people volunteering to take part in groundbreaking research studies into dementia.

Computer methods may improve epilepsy outcome 14 August 2015

The outcome for patients undergoing epilepsy surgery may be improved with the use of computational methods to identify more precisely the origin of seizures in the brain.

Genetic chaos in tumours could help predict chemotherapy response 4 August 2015

The level of genetic chaos in tumours could help predict patients’ response to chemotherapy, according to research published today in Cancer Discovery.

Mutations in two novel genes cause primary dystonia 3 August 2015

BRC researchers have identified the genetic cause of primary isolated dystonia, a type of inherited dystonia.