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GCH1 gene and Parkinson’s risk 31 July 2014

Researchers have discovered genetic mutations which cause a decrease in dopamine production in the brain and lead to a form of childhood-onset Dystonia, also play a role in the development of Parkinson’s disease.  

Double mutation linked to Frontotemporal dementia 31 July 2014

UCL researchers have found a genetic double mutation associated with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), paving the way for better understanding of the disease.

Genetic clues leading to Parkinson's uncovered 29 July 2014

Results of a worldwide study could help revolutionise how Parkinson's disease is treated, according to research published this week.

Image courtesy of Wellcome Images

Research proves a hit as hundreds visit open day 29 July 2014

Hundreds of visitors turned out for a special exhibition of research this month at UCLH.

Research suggests drink less for a healthier heart 24 July 2014

Cutting alcohol consumption, even for light-to-moderate drinkers, could be linked to improved cardiovascular health, including a reduced risk of coronary heart disease, lower body mass index and blood pressure, according to research published this week.

Research to see if diabetes drug can help Parkinson’s 23 July 2014

The first patient has been dosed at the Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre Clinical Facility in a trial to test whether a diabetes drug may have real promise in helping to slow down Parkinson's disease.

Image courtesy of Wellcome Images