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UCL and Duke join forces to promote perioperative medicine 22 July 2016

UCL and Duke University have joined forces to promote the rapidly developing area of perioperative medicine.

Anaesthesia trainees can now apply for a ‘Morpheus’ Fellowship that aims to develop their understanding of perioperative medicine and its new model of care, by improving patients’ journey from the moment their surgery is contemplated to full recovery.

Fellows will work alongside mentors from other countries with the aim to learn how clearly defined perioperative outcomes are fundamental to clinical practice.  

Hundreds visit UCLH annual event celebrating research and innovation 11 July 2016

The annual event celebrating research and innovation at UCLH attracted hundreds of visitors last month.

Groundbreaking videos of UCLH research now online 6 July 2016

The BRC has launched a series of groundbreaking vdeos of UCLH research for the public.

UCL BioResource hits 7,000 27 June 2016

The UCL NIHR BioResource initiative to recruit volunteers has hit a huge milestone and now has over 7,000 recruits.

New drug may help Parkinson’s by improving energy production in brain nerve cells 27 June 2016

A new drug that may help Parkinson’s patients by improving energy production in brain nerve cells is being trialled at UCLH.

Swab and Send: Bacteria collected from Dalek could be key to exterminating future diseases 27 June 2016

Bacteria collected from a Doctor Who Dalek could be the key to exterminating future diseases, according to research by the UCL Eastman Dental Institute.