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Research proves a hit as hundreds visit open day 30 June 2015

The second annual research open day at UCLH attracted hundreds of visitors this month.  

UCL BioResource hits 3,000 30 June 2015

The UCL NIHR BioResource initiative to recruit volunteers has hit a huge milestone and now has over 3,000 recruits.

Research into genetic influences on epilepsy and migraines 29 June 2015

BRC researchers have begun to investigate genetic influences on neurological disorders such as ataxia, epilepsy and rare and severe headache disorders.

Does stress cause young people with arthritis to suffer flare-ups? 23 June 2015

Research has begun into looking at whether psychological stress can lead to young people with arthritis suffering flare-ups.

Deep brain stimulation may help Tourette’s 23 June 2015

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) can help sufferers of Tourette’s syndrome reduce their tics significantly, according to recent research.

Researchers discover new ways auto immune disease can develop 23 June 2015

Researchers have discovered new mechanisms whereby auto immune disease develops and progresses, potentially altering the way patients are treated.