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Simple test predicts diabetes remission following weight loss surgery 21 November 2017

A new simple test that helps predict which people with type 2 diabetes will benefit most from weight loss surgery has been developed.

Improving clinical trials with machine learning 16 November 2017

Machine learning could improve our ability to determine whether a new drug works in the brain, potentially enabling researchers to detect drug effects that would be missed entirely by conventional tests, according to a study published today in Brain.

Combination therapy study for lupus underway at UCLH 3 November 2017

Doctors at UCLH are trialling a biological combination treatment for patients with the disabling condition lupus.

Over £600,000 towards studying link between hearing loss and dementia 1 November 2017

Researchers have been awarded over £600,000 to investigate the emerging link between dementia risk and hearing loss.

Research shows physical activity can help prevent Alzheimer's 27 October 2017

Physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease, according to a study published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

BBC documentary on aphasia airs this Sunday 27 October 2017

Imagine a world in which you can think but cannot speak. For many stroke survivors this nightmare is a reality; this Sunday their story is told in an intensely moving and personal film about language and its loss.