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A second person has experienced sustained remission from HIV-1 – the most widespread form of HIV – after ceasing treatment, reports a paper led by researchers at UCL and Imperial College London.
The BRC will form part of a new centre to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to healthcare, and healthcare to AI.
UCL researcher Prof Shonit Punwani is set to lead a cross-institutional (UCL and Cambridge) £2.3m Cancer Research UK 5-year Programme set to develop new imaging techniques for the assessment of prostate cancer.
Researchers running a rheumatoid arthritis (RA) prevention trial exceeded their patient recruitment target, despite the challenge of recruiting people who are only at risk of RA, rather than those who already have the disease.
Patients took centre stage at the BRC’s 2019 annual meeting which showcased BRC impact across research themes such as dementia, obesity and mental health, and looked ahead to upcoming research.
Patients, members of the public, healthcare professionals and researchers have taken a new approach to research design by co-producing plans for a study on the link between gum disease and diabetes.