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First patient receives experimental treatment for liver cancer 9 October 2017

The first trial of an experimental treatment for liver cancer, using X-ray imageable microscopic beads loaded with a targeted anti-cancer drug placed directly in the liver, has begun. 

New priority setting partnership for oral and dental health research announced 27 September 2017

The National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network Oral and Dental Health Specialty has announced a new opportunity to identify future priorities relating to oral and dental health research.

New licensing agreement for UCL technology to combat antimicrobial resistance 27 September 2017

UCL Business and AGA Nanotech Ltd have concluded a licensing agreement for use of TIPS microparticle technology in directing the controlled delivery of antimicrobial agents in the healthcare setting. 

£59 million towards trialling revolutionary T-cell cancer treatments 26 September 2017

UCL spinout company Autolus has secured £59 million of investment to develop T-cell therapies that could revolutionise the way cancer is treated.

Engineered therapy for blood clotting disorder could replace potentially harmful plasma infusions 14 September 2017

An investigational treatment that mimics a key clotting enzyme is effective, safe, and may one day eliminate the need for blood products for people with a life-threatening blood disease, according to a study published today.

World Alzheimer’s Month: Q+A with Dr Jonathan Schott 12 September 2017

The BRC spoke with Dr Jonathan Schott, consultant neurologist and dementia researcher from the UCL Institute of Neurology about detection, trends and the future for Alzheimer’s disease during World Alzheimer’s Month.