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Genetic clues found to rare neurodegenerative disease 18 July 2011

CBRC-supported researchers are part of an international consortium which is one step closer to understanding the genes associated with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), according to a study published in Nature Genetics.

UCL neuroscientists among the most cited in Parkinson’s disease research 18 July 2011

Seminal works by UCL neuroscientists including CBRC-supported researchers account for 10 out of the top 100 most cited Parkinson’s disease researchers, according to a list published in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease.

CBRC-funded projects showcased by the European Union 9 June 2011

CBRC-funded projects have been showcased by the European Union for their work on antimicrobial drug resistance (AMR).

The EU has been strongly committed to combating AMR for over 10 years and has prioritised research in this field.

Projects showcased include two CBRC-supported projects at UCL: the Collaborative HIV and Anti-HIV Drug Resistance Network (CHAIN) and the ‘antiresdev’ project looking at the effects of antibiotic administration on the emergence and persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

New CBRC project grants announced 18 May 2011

The CBRC received a fantastic response to the funding call made in autumn 2010. After a robust peer review process, grants were awarded to projects from the infectious disease, neurotherapeutics, neurodiagnostics and cardiovascular disease themes.

First class delivery at UCH 15 April 2011

Joint funding by the CBRC and University College London Hospital (UCLH) has enabled UCLH to install an advanced scanner specifically for translational research.

Research reveals bacteria in orthodontic retainers 29 March 2011

Researchers in the CBRC’s oral health theme have found that insufficient cleaning could allow build-up of potentially pathogenic microbes on orthodontic retainers.