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BRC Senior Leadership Development Programme


“Care to Lead”

Developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours of our staff to support them “in the art of motivating a group of people to achieve a great goal”

Background information:

The development of leadership in experimental medicine is an important part of the strategy for the BRC, which places great emphasis on enhancing the training and professional development opportunities of its associated staff and developing individuals with exceptional leadership potential.

For this reason the BRC has teamed up with the UCLH Education Centre to provide BRC staff the opportunity to participate on the established andhighly successful UCLP Staff College Programme. Click here for programme flyer.

The Programme

The UCLP Staff College Programme was developed by the UCLH Education Centre and has been attracting staff from across the NHS and HEIs. It has a particular focus on developing the leadership capacity of the individual, without being focused on the sector within which the individual works. The Programme comprises three modules (each module consisting of 4 days) preceded by a two-day Introductory Briefing module to BRC staff to ensure the programme is tailored appropriately. Each of the three modules is based around the core values of learning through experience and insight, and builds on structured as well as personal and peer review feedback of observed behaviours and application of knowledge and skills.

The four modules of the Programme are:

  1. Self-Awareness – getting to know yourself and how others see you. Recognise your recklessness, timidity, ego, emotions and your need for popularity
  2. Self-Management – Manage your ego to manage stressful moments; overcome limited resource, demotivated staff and opposition from powerful, vested interests;
  3. Leading Teams – Combine self-awareness and the ability to manage moments of personal challenge to lead your team;
Further details

There are up to 8 fully funded places available. The BRC Programme Directors are leading the process of identifying candidates for this leadership development programme. BRC Faculty staff who are interested in the Leadership Development Programme are encouraged to contact their Programme Director for more information.

Nominations are expected to be finalised the week commencing Monday 2 December.

Staff should contact their Programme Director to discuss their interest by Friday 29November.

For Programme specific queries please contact your Programme Director:

Cancer Programme - Professor David Linch (d.linch@cancer.ucl.ac.uk

Neuroscience Programme – Professor Nick Wood (n.wood@ucl.ac.uk)

Cardiometabolic Programme – Professor Derek Yellon (d.yellon@ucl.ac.uk)

Infection, Immunity and Inflammation – Contact Nandi Simpson (i.simpson@ucl.ac.uk) in the first instance.

For any other queries please contact Dr Elena Bedisti at the SLMS Academic Careers Office (e.bedisti@ucl.ac.uk), Tel. 020 7679 6635 (ext. 46635)