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Taking part in a trial at the CRF

If I am interested in participating in a clinical trial, what happens?

Your first visit to the CRF will be to assess your medical situation and to explain what a clinical trial is. If you are fit enough and you are interested in participating, then a second appointment will be arranged.

At this second appointment you will be told about a specific trial and will also be given some written information about the trial. If you decide to participate you will be asked to come back and sign an informed consent form.

Once you have signed the consent form, we can start doing detailed tests to check that you are allowed to go into the trial, such as, scans or checks to see how well your internal organs are working. It is possible that these tests may find something that could stop you going into the trial. If the results of the tests are OK, you will be told when we aim to start you on the trial treatment.

What happens when my involvement in the trial is over?

You will be discharged back to the clinician who referred you.

When the trial is completed what happens to the data?

The results of all clinical trials are published in peer reviewed medical journals.