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Upcoming events

The BRC in partnership with UCLPartners will run its programme of award-winning workshops for clinical academic researchers on patient and public involvement (PPI) in research in the First Term of the UCL academic year 2019-20.

The workshops, which are supported by the Wellcome Trust and open to researchers working in UCLPartners partnership organisations, are practical and the aim is to build up researchers’ skills in effectively involving lay people in the research process, from setting research priorities to designing protocols. 

Would you like to hear how accomplished academics failed and lived to tell the story? Get advice on how to build a research career when failing and taking risks is an integral part of it? Then register to attend the UCL Academic Careers Office's inaugural Festival of Failure!

This is the third and final in a trio of ‘BRC Lates’, an after-hours event where leading UCL/UCLH researchers and UCL Special Collections showcase work linked to BRC research themes in a sociable and relaxed setting.