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The Biostatistics Group

Biostatistics is a fundamental scientific component of biomedical research. As new and more complex biomedical problems emerge, biostatistics faces a challenge in terms of both the novel application of existing methods and the development of new superior methods.

The Biostatistics Group at the Joint Research Office and UCL Statistical Science, led by Professor Rumana Omar, currently provides the following support:

  • collaborating on 60+ research studies with UCL/UCLH health researchers
  • involvement as co-applicants in 25+ grant applications each year
  • Statistics Advice Clinics and short courses on research methods.

The Group, which regularly publishes in leading medical and statistical journals,

can provide the following scientific and intellectual input throughout the research pathway:


  • Assist in formulating research question based on available resources
  • Clarify endpoints
  • Choose most appropriate design
  • Strategies for handling bias & missing data
  • Sample size
  • Write outline statistical analysis plan


  • Input to study meetings
  • Research/ develop new statistical methods
  • Draw up full statistical analysis plan
  • Final analysis


  • Help with interpretation of results
  • Contribute to writing up.

How to contact the Biostatistics Group:

Please email: