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Researchers wanted to offer lab placements to disadvantaged students

The In2Science scheme sponsored by the BRC is looking for researchers who can provide lab placements for A-level students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

For the scheme, students aged 16-17 work alongside scientists with the aim of inspiring and motivating them to study and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering or maths – to improve diversity in the sector.

Researchers and PhD students who take part can count the placement as evidence of public engagement in grant applications. Participating PhD students gain points towards their research log.

Register your interest in hosting a student.

In2scienceUK is looking for PhD students and researchers to host a student for 2 weeks in the summer. Last year UCL/UCLH helped 150 young people and we are looking for researchers to do the same this year. A team of researchers can host one student.

Supervisors will have minimal paperwork as in2scienceUK takes care of all health and safety documents, inductions, access cards, insurance and students’ travel and expenses. In2Science shortlists and interviews all students and matches them up with suitable researchers.

During the placement, researchers find suitable tasks for students to complete to involve them in research projects, and advise students on career options.

The student will have reading and writing tasks to complete during the placement during any downtime. Separately, students have access to careers workshops and skills days organised by In2Science throughout the summer.

Last year UCLH clinical physicist Dr Anna Barnes shared her experience of hosting students through the scheme, and encouraged researchers to offer a placement or placements.

Interested researchers are asked to fill in a short form, and can watch this video or read the latest impact report to learn more about the programme.

For more information contact Jo Maniscalco at jo@in2scienceuk.org.