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Practical guides to Patient Involvement


INVOLVE is a national advisory group on public involvement in the NHS and is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Resources for researchers include an extensive range of publications, including:

‘Tips sheet: Recruiting members of the public to get involved in research funding and commissioning processes’  Tip sheet offering practical advice

NIHR INVOLVE guidance on the roles and responsibilities of public co-applicants in research (pdf)

Involving the public in NHS, public health, and social care research: Briefing notes for researchers INVOLVE practical checklists on running committees, patient panels and other activities

Tips sheet: How to incorporate public involvement in research funding and commissioning processes 

‘Payment for involvement’ INVOLVE Detailed guide to paying patients and the public for their involvement, covering tax, welfare benefits  national insurance and employment law issues

Involving children and young people in research: top tips for researchers 

Involvement activities with disabled people: How plan involvement activities with disabled people 

Public Information Pack (PIP): How to get actively involved in NHS, public health and social care research INVOLVE Four volume pack aimed at patients and the public but useful for researchers to adapt to meet their own needs, especially the jargon buster

Public involvement in research grant applications. Guidelines for researchers INVOLVE Includes simple tips on identifying members of the public to get involved and ways of involving them

PPI booklet for researchers (pdf) produced by Parkinson’s UK

PPI in Health and Social Care Research: A Handbook for Researchers (pdf) produced by Research Design Service London

UCL Public Engagement Unit

The unit supports UCL staff organising public engagement activities. As well as toolkits and advice on evaluation, the unit offers funding through a small grants scheme. Beacon bursaries are available three times a year providing up to £2,000 per project. The unit also helps find external funding.

The Research Design Service Londona small grant called the Enabling Involvement Fund at www.rds-london.nihr.ac.uk  to help researchers to involve patients and the public early on in their research.

People in Researcha website hosted by INVOLVE where you can advertise your research opportunities

Standards for public involvement in research: A set of standards for public involvement have been developed aimed at to improving quality and consistency of public involvement in research.

Frequently Asked PPI Questions (pdf) produced by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals