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Scientists have shown a blood test could predict the onset of tuberculosis (TB) three to six months before people become unwell, a finding which could help better target antibiotics and save countless lives.
BRC deafness and hearing problems researchers will work in partnership with a unique medicines discovery collaboration launched today to fast-track development of treatments for hearing loss and tinnitus.
First-time marathon runners who trained for and completed a marathon saw their blood pressure go down and developed more elastic arteries – equivalent to a 4-year reduction in their ‘arterial age’ – according to a study by UCL and Barts Health NHS Trust.
UCLH today joined the UK Health Data Research Alliance.
A UCLH and UCL study has identified how a subset of immune cells are activated to kill cancerous cells, a finding in mice which could hold the key to new powerful therapies against cancer.
A new clinical trial investigating whether immunotherapy drug Ustekinumab could help to preserve insulin-producing cells in adolescents with newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is now open at the NIHR UCLH Clinical Research Facility.