Patients and the public explore what patient health data can do

Members of the public joined UCL researchers and UCLH clinicians and data scientists at an interactive workshop to find out how health data is collected and can be used in research to improve patient care.

Participants heard from researchers and clinicians about how they are adapting to Covid-19 and how the pandemic has accelerated use of data in health research and how this use of data has led to impactful research findings.

A series of videos and Q&A sessions looked at how:

  • the UCLH electronic health record system works and how data is collected and used in a consultation
  • health records have developed over the years
  • the ‘data revolution’ offers opportunities for healthcare, and UCLH’s digital health research capability is a key part of being a ‘Research Hospital’
  • How data is helping clinicians improve patient care

Videos and slides from the event are available for download at the foot the page.

The workshop was part of a series of events around the theme of ‘Your Data, Our Challenge’ (YDOC) where clinicians and researchers explore with patients and the public the possibilities for research that patient data offers – and what the needs and expectations of patients are when it comes to use of their data.

Upcoming YDOC events can be found on our Eventbrite page.


Visit our YouTube page to watch the following videos shown at the event:

How we can use health data for clinical care and research - Dr Wai Keong Wong, Chief Research Information Officer and Consultant Haematologist, UCLH

Doctor-patient interaction: paper records vs Epic, UCLH’s integrated hospital-wide electronic health record system

Using data to help ensure patient care is of the highest standard - Dr Yogini Jani, Clinical Safety Lead, Digital Health

The use of ‘problem lists’ at UCLH - Leilei Zhu, Clinical Data Standards Lead, UCLH and Dr Anoop Shah, UCL clinical academic and UCLH consultant

The use of data in research on the role of cardiovascular disease in the Covid-19 pandemic - Prof Folkert Asselbergs, Cardiologist and Director, NIHR UCLH/UCL Clinical and Research Informatics Unit