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BRC Operations Manager Dr Louise English reflects on the success of the second BRC Lates event in this blog.
Collaborative research projects across the three UCL-linked BRCs which are applying artificial intelligence (AI) to complex problems in cancer, sepsis, hearing loss, neuromuscular diseases and emergency medicine will receive combined funding from the three BRCs to accelerate their progress.
People exposed to a lifetime of psychosocial adversity may have an impaired ability to produce the dopamine levels needed for coping with acutely stressful situations, according to a UCL-led study.
77-year-old Bridget Barker from Hackney had successful robotic surgery to treat her lung cancer in August 2019. The cancer was discovered during a lung health check following an invitation from her GP, which was sent to her as part of the SUMMIT study.
Mouth cancer patients who have their neck glands removed at the same time as having the cancer removed from their mouth have a lower risk of death and tumour recurrence according to a study involving UCLH.
A drug company has announced positive results in the first global trial of a drug for a rare neuromuscular disease Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) which included patients from UCLH.