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High blood pressure and large increases in blood pressure in midlife may be linked with poorer brain health in later life, according to a UCL-led study published in The Lancet Neurology.
Find a Study – UCLH’s new clinical trials database developed to provide equitable access to research and boost study recruitment at the Trust – has been featured in the online magazine Digital Health.
The Department of Health has announced a £250 million funding boost for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the NHS to solve some of the biggest healthcare challenges.  
Being more socially active in your 50s and 60s is linked with having a lower risk of developing dementia, a UCL-led study has found.
Prescribing blood thinners for stroke survivors is safer than previously thought, according to new research that could change current clinical practice.
Governments must take on the sugar industry and introduce policies like higher sugar taxes to tackle an oral disease epidemic, dental public health researchers have warned.