The aim of our dementia theme is to develop novel treatments through precision medicine.

Our focus on young onset and familial dementias provides key insights into pathophysiological drivers that cause or speed up neurodegeneration; and allow analysis of participants in the absence of comorbidity and in at-risk populations. This provides a therapeutic window where there can be treatments before functional decline.

The theme is organised in sub themes of which:

  • Core & Cohorts
  • Genomics & Cells
  • Biomarkers
    • Static & dynamic
    • Fluid – CSF and Blood
    • Imaging – MRI and PET
  • Clinical Applications & Therapies
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Our sub-themes are interdependent. The genetic studies sub-theme use biomarkers to determine influence on progression and endophenotypes that will be modelled in induced pluripotent stem cells; the latter assist identification of novel interventions tested in the clinical applications sub-theme using outputs from the biomarkers of change sub theme.

Professor Nick Fox
Professor Nick Fox
Dementia Theme Director
Gisela Barreto
Gisela Barreto
Operations Manager