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Infrastructure & Organisation - cancer

The Cancer Programme benefits from the close affiliation between UCL and UCLH, with significant amounts been invested from both parties in developing our unique facilities. These include:

Unveristy College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre

The Macmillan Cancer Centre is one of the UK’s largest and most advanced outpatient cancer care facilities with dedicated clinical research and imaging facilities including the first UK MRI-PET.

UCL Cancer Institute

The UCL Cancer Institute comprises the largest concentration of biomedical researchers in Europe. It is London’s first Cancer Research UK centre, fostering world class research into the biology and treatment of cancers.

Bill Lyons Informatics centre

The Bill Lyons Informatics Centre is situated in the Cancer Institute and focuses on the analysis and integration of large-scale genomic data sets and their relation with clinical data to unravel the specific mechanisms that underlie cancer.

UCL Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre

The UCL Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre conducts early phase clinical trials which are enhanced by innovative molecular and imaging technologies. There is particular expertise and dedicated facilities for trials of radiation, photodynamic, vascular therapies, immunotherapy, biomarkers and tumour targeted antibodies.

UCL Advanced Diagnostics

UCL Advanced Diagnostics is a specialist academic and clinical reference laboratory, which acts as the power house for immunohistochemistry. Its role is pivotal in bridging basic scientific research into clinical practice.  It interlinks between the Cancer Institute and University College Hospitals NHS Trust.

NIHR/Wellcome UCLH Clinical Research Facility

The unit provides a high-quality clinical environment for cancer drug development with state of the art facilities and experienced nursing to support research studies. An extensive portfolio of academic and commercially sponsored early phase clinical trials are undertaken here, including first in man trials, making it possible to convey experimental treatments to patients in a safe manner.