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Patient and Public Involvement

The UCL BioResource Patient and Participant Involvement (PPI) Panel is an important part of our BioResource. The PPI Panel provide important and valuable insights and ideas into how we approach all aspects of our operation; from being involved on steering groups that direct the future of the UCL BioResource to contributing to regular newsletters and publication materials. At UCL BioResource we are aware of the value of an active PPI panel in providing an inclusive facility that welcomes the views and opinions of people involved as participants in research or as patients using the NHS.

There are several practical benefits of including a PPI panel in the decision making processes. For example, their help and advices in the production of clear and concise patient information sheets and consent forms means that unnecessary information and medical jargon is excluded therefore making our materials more comprehensive to our potential volunteers.

Having a PPI panel contributing to steering groups engages members of the public with doctors, scientists, and managers pioneering the research studies. This promotes an environment that encourages co-operation and understanding, leading to research that becomes more significant to the needs of the public. This results in new treatments or ideas becoming available faster to healthcare consumers.

Ultimately encouraging an effective PPI panel leads to more ethical and better designed research protocols with more relevant outcomes for patients. The NIHR annual report in 2010 noted that “greater public involvement can lead to better research and clearer health outcomes, and can save money.”

We are always eager to hear from people who are interested in becoming involved in our PPI Panel. If you feel like you would like to contribute to the UCL BioResource and the direction of research within the NHS, please feel free to contact us on 0203 447 5369 or via email at uclbioresource@ucl.ac.uk