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For Researchers

The UCL BioResource can support volunteer recruitment to research studies both academic and commercial. The BioResource can provide tailor made cohorts of volunteers to researchers that specifically match their study criteria based on BioMarkers such as Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, demographic details such as age or location, and phenotype details such as medications or conditions. Special arrangements must be made for any study wishing recall based on a variant with high penetrance.

Visit the UCL BioResource Data Browser to query the cohort in more detail

If you are interested in having your study supported by the UCL BioResource you should first complete a draft copy of the application form below, and then submit this to the BioResource coordinator. If your proposal is deemed feasible by the team a formal application will then be sent onto the Scientific Advisory Board for formal approval. Please read through the full process

FileStage Two Application Form.docx

The UCL BioResource welcomes collaboration with other studies, cohorts and clinicians. The BioResource can be used to build cohorts in anticipation of upcoming research, or to co-consent to the BioResource at the same time as an existing research study in order to make use of the many benefits such as analysis of the samples of their participants. Participants co-recruited can also be flagged so they are not used by the BioResource until the primary study completes. Each collaboration is a bespoke agreement subject to all relevant governance. Please contact the BioResource Coordinator to find out more: uclbioresource@ucl.ac.uk


Participant Conditions by ICD10 Category