Annual MS Society lecture to be given by UCL and UCLH professor

Professor Olga Ciccarelli will deliver the MS Society’s fifth Annual Stop MS lecture online on Wednesday 7 October.

Hundreds of patients and members of the public are expected to attend the lecture. Professor Ciccarelli, who is NIHR Research Professor of Neurology at UCL, will be focussing on how MRI advances are transforming MS research. A Q&A will follow the talk.

Over 130,000 people live with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the UK, and many hundreds more have a friend or family member with the condition. MS damages the nerves in your body. As the nerves that are damaged differ from person to person, MS is unpredictable. It can cause problems with how people walk, move, see, think and feel.

MRI scans are vital for diagnosing and monitoring MS. This lecture will focus on how improvements in MRI technology could speed up the clinical trials of potential treatments and how cutting-edge artificial intelligence methods could more accurately detect how the brain is responding to therapies.

The talk will be live streamed on the MS Society website from 5:30pm on Wednesday and will be made available for free after the event on YouTube.

Visit the event webpage.


In May 2020 a group of people with MS, who are also reporters for Shift MS, helped produce a film – commissioned and funded by the BRC – to explore the importance of MS research and what it means to them.

The film features interviews with Prof Ciccarelli and UCL/UCLH colleague Prof Jeremy Chataway.

Watch the video: ‘What it's like to have MS and the exploration of clinical research