High number of patients report positive experience of research at UCLH

Nine in ten people who take part in research at UCLH have a positive experience according to a national NIHR survey.

Results of the NIHR’s Patient Research Experience Survey (PRES) for 2019/20 – an annual survey of people who have taken part in clinical studies – found:

  • 89% of research participants at UCLH said they had a positive experience
  • 99% said they were treated with dignity and respect during their research appointment
  • 88% said they would consider taking part in research again in future
  • 92% said they knew who to contact if they had a question or concern throughout the study.

212 research participants at UCLH took part in the 2019/20 survey. NIHR uses the results to ensure patients across the country are having the best possible experience while taking part in research, and to improve the support it offers to research centres.

The NIHR highlighted in particular the positive results from the UCLH Clinical Research Facility (CRF), which also surveyed twice as many patients it initially aimed to – getting 98 survey responses. At the UCLH CRF:

  • 94% of people had a positive experience of research
  • 100% said they were treated with dignity and respect
  • 91% said they would consider taking part in future research.

The other UCLH teams that took part in the survey were the cancer, stroke and women’s health research teams, and the Eastman Dental Hospital.* This represents an increase on the 3 UCLH teams which took part in the 2018/19 survey.

*The EDH is taking part in an extended pilot survey until May 2020. The 2019/20 survey took place at the same time as the move to the new Royal National ENT and Dental Hospitals.