Our Infrastructure

The programme benefits from close interfaces with core UCL and UCLH infrastructure, and partner organisations. We are closely linked to the UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science, the UCL Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, and the Institute of Sport, Exercise & Health, and have supported the establishment of the UCL Bloomsbury Centre for Clinical Phenotyping (BCCP), a purpose-built, high-quality clinical research environment, and imaging facility.

We partner the UCL British Heart Foundation (BHF) Research Accelerator, MRC Units in Clinical Trials and Lifelong Health, and UCL’s Institute for Health Informatics, Centre for Medical Image Computing and Computer Science Department. Through these, we link to Crick and Turing Institutes and the European Research Development Fund Cardiovascular Devices Centre with Barts.

We are embedded in Health Data Research UK and via this with the BHF National Data Science Centre. We are a founding partner of the NIHR-BHF Cardiovascular Network connecting us to all major UK BRC and BHF cardiovascular programmes; we lead two BHF-NIHR national COVID-19 flagship programmes.

The North London Integrated-Care-System enables partnerships with >20 hospital and primary care trusts serving diverse communities in North and East London. Clinical partner services span Barts Heart Centre (coronary disease, arrhythmias, myocardial disorders, imaging), Royal Free (vascular surgery, coronary disease, adult pulmonary hypertension, and National Amyloidosis Centre) and Great Ormond Street (congenital heart disease and paediatric pulmonary hypertension), forming one of the largest UK networks for rare cardiovascular diseases. In prevention, we partner the North Thames Genomics Alliance, the Pan London FH Clinical Network, and the North London Operational Delivery Network. Through our support for UCLH Intensive Care we are linked to the Critical Care NIHR Health Informatics Collaborative.

Our international partnerships encompass Utrecht (€19M EU award); the 100k+ Cohorts Consortium; the UCLEB-CHARGE, GENIUS-CHD and HERMES-heart failure GWAS consortia; myocardial biopsy programmes (target 500, HEARTOME, MycARdium); the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy-Outcomes and EU Brugada Syndrome Collaborative, and EFFORTLESS s-ICD registry. We have a deep collaboration in magnetic resonance imaging with National Institutes of Health, USA.

We partner technology industries including genomics (illumina), blood diagnostics (Somalogic, O-link, Nightingale, Vidya Health and Metabolon), imaging (Siemens, Canon, Phillips, Actelion), devices (Abbott/Medtronic/ g.Tec, Resonance Health), digital (AIMES, Cohesic) and pharmaceutical sectors (Astra Zeneca, GSK, Pfizer, Bayer).

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