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The aim of the Academic Careers Office (ACO) is to support and develop academic and clinical academic careers in the UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences and the BRC.

The Experimental Medicine Academy (EMA) is a programme of work run by ACO to support experimental medicine and translational research at UCL; it is funded through the BRC's Education theme.

The EMA goes beyond its previous success by building a more innovative and far-reaching programme that builds regional and national capacity in experimental medicine. The EMA:

  • Provides training and development opportunities for the entire research community
  • Nurtures leadership qualities in early career researchers
  • Drives change in key priority areas

The EMA’s programmes reflect the real needs of the biomedical research community. Many are available to researchers from across UCL and institutions, regardless of their BRC affiliation.

Current projects include:

ADAPT portfolio of resilience building schemes

The ADAPT portfolio of programmes target clinical academics at key stages of their training and early career with programmes that aim to build resilience skills.

ADAPT programmes run annually and are announced on the EMA website.

Clinician Coders

This innovative programme builds on UCL’s considerable experience in informatics to build data science and coding skills in clinical academics.

This programme has not yet launched and will be announced in due course.

BRC/Crick Clinical Training Fellowships

The UCLH BRC and the Francis Crick Institute work closely with partner BRCs to jointly fund one-year Clinical Training Fellowships. Fellows engage in experimental medicine research in preparation for a clinical PhD application.

Annual calls for this fellowship programme are announced in the autumn.

MiniMD two-week intensive course for non-clinical scientists

MiniMD is a two-week intensive course for non-clinical scientists to gain insight into translational research and clinical medicine. The MiniMD programme has been running since 2013 and covers breast cancer and medical imaging.

Recruitment rounds are announced twice yearly on the EMA website.


EURKEA is an international institute which was built to catalyse the growing need for successful to translational medicine to address unmet medical demands. UCL offers places at EUREKA certificate course and summer school, as well as hosting translational research educational events at UCL.  


Our team: 
Professor Geraint Rees
Education - The BRC Experimental Medicine Academy Theme Director
Colby Benari
Head of the Academic Careers Office - Education theme Operations Manager
Felipe Futo
Programme Manager