Explore AI in healthcare through interactive experience

How would you feel if artificial intelligence (AI) played a role in your healthcare decisions? Should AI be used in healthcare? And who is to blame if it goes wrong? How does it work? That’s exactly what the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at University College London Hospital NHS Trust want to find out, as they have collaborated with a group of artists to design a brand-new audience-centric scenario experience that is open for all to participate in.

In collaboration with digital artists Fast Familiar comes The Doctor's Assistant scenario game; an immersive virtual interactive experience that examines how artificial intelligence can be used in healthcare decision-making and explores the dilemmas involved. Participants are presented with a series of short healthcare scenarios in the form of video news reports and witness statements. Through thought-provoking discussions and poll voting, participants explore the implications and ethical dilemmas raised. The session ends with a chance to meet everyone, ask questions and discuss the topics with researchers and data experts.

The digital event forms part of the BRC’s ongoing ‘Your Data, Our Challenge’ series which aims to work with patients and the public to discuss the positives and concerns surrounding the use of their data and consent in health research, data science and innovative care.

The event will take place on two dates: Monday 26 July at 6pm and Friday 30 July at 11am and will last for approximately two hours. The session is free, open to all and will require attendees to have a PC or laptop to open a web browser. Spaces are limited, and will operate on a first come, first serve basis.

To sign up to this interactive experience, register here for the Monday event or here for the Friday event. For all questions regarding the event, please get in touch with Rory Pesta at rory.pesta@ucl.ac.uk.

Find out more about how the game was developed and the art group behind it by visiting their webpage.

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