Human story of MS research

People with MS and researchers at Queens Square have worked together to produce a film telling the human story of clinical research.

The film, which was released this week, involved people with MS, who are also reporters for Shift MS, working with film director Ieva Padagaite of Blake House Productions to explore what research means to their lives and interview researchers. Filming recruitment to clinical trials and quizzing the researchers Professor Olga Ciccarelli and Professor Jeremy Chataway on what is most exciting, the group have created a 6 minute video that they hope will give hope to other people with MS and a perspective on the importance of clinical research.

One of the group and ShiftMS reporter Rachel Horne said:  "My hope is that people with MS who watch this film will realise they are not alone. Behind the scenes are thousands of researchers dedicated to treating the disease - and we've already seen dramatic results. In fact, the management of MS has been the neurological success story of the past 25 years. That's great news for all of us with it."

What it's like to have MS and the exploration of clinical research’ was commissioned and funded by the NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical research Centre

Click here to view the video