Remote mentoring to inspire students from disadvantaged backgrounds

The charity In2ScienceUK and the BRC are looking for researchers to offer support and advice this summer to disadvantaged young people who are interested in STEM degrees and careers.

In2Science will match 3-5 year 12 students with researchers, PhD students or STEM professionals for the ‘virtual’ placement programme, with mentors committing to three 45 minute remote mentoring sessions across July and August, to offer students support they can’t get from their family or friends.

Researchers who are interested can sign up here.

How does it work?

·         3-5 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds interested in your area of research will be interviewed and assigned to your mentoring group 

·         In2scienceUK provides training and support for you to deliver three 45 minute mentoring sessions with up to five students

·         Sessions will be hosted as webinars through a secure online platform offered by In2Science, according to your availability

·         Each session will centre around sharing experiences, challenges and ideas. 

What researchers will get out of it:

·         Learn new skills in mentoring and working with young people in a safe and friendly environment

·         Involvement counts as evidence of your public engagement

·         Challenge your own thinking through a fresh point of view

·         Volunteering for 3x 45 minutes is an easy way to create a lasting impact

Apply as a mentor 
To find out more please email