Taking part in a research study

If you would like to take part in a research study at UCLH, you can:

  • ask your doctor or nurse about research you could take part in
  • search the ‘Find a Study’ database. The database provides details of every clinical trial currently recruiting at UCLH. Patients and the public can search the database of trials by disease area and the age of patients being recruited.
  • sign up to the UCLBioResource. Volunteers to the BioResource agree to be approached to participate in future medical research. Volunteers give blood and saliva samples to give information about their DNA, which, together with demographic and health information, enables us to match them up with trials they are eligible for.
  • register your interest in dementia research. People with dementia, their carers and anyone interested in participating in dementia research can register online, by post or over the phone to Join Dementia Research. It is also possible to sign up on behalf of a loved one, who may find it difficult to register themselves or manage their own account.