The NIHR BioResource @UCLH is a panel of participants who have agreed to donate samples and data for research. In signing up, participants agree that they can be approached to consider participating in future medical research.

Individuals with and without health conditions are represented and the size of the panel is always growing. Participants provide blood and saliva samples, from which DNA is extracted for genotyping by AxiomTM Total Blood Typing Solution UK Biobank array, and also by Illumina whole genome sequencing for those of non-European ancestry. Genotypes are linked with demographic and health data. This provides an unequalled resource to support world-leading research into links between DNA variants, the environment, health and disease, which enables the future of personalised medicine. This type of research is best supported by having real diversity in the participants for:age, ethnicity and disease types – so that the research that arises from the BioResource can impact and support the understanding and treatments of as many groups and health conditions as possible. 

Anyone can join the NIHR BioResource @UCLH - you don’t have to be a UCLH patient - and we're always looking for more volunteers.