Working with industry

Our BRC has formed strong alliances with industry to create world-first scientific breakthroughs and the development of new treatments.

The development of modified T cell receptor products; early-warning sensor systems that can test and track serious infectious diseases; and software to improve dementia diagnosis are just a few of the examples of the innovative work that has taken place here.

We are always keen to explore more opportunities to join forces with industry in the hunt for new treatments.

One of our key principles is to be as effective as possible in translating the early scientific discoveries in which the UK excels into innovations that help society and drive the economy.

What we can offer industry

  • World-class NHS and academic clinicians/researchers from an organisation that currently has over 1,000 active clinical translational projects.
  • Cutting edge research facilities in our central London location and a large, diverse patient population.
  • Access to NHS organisations within UCL Partners Academic Health Science Network that have a track record of being highly collaborative and large patient populations
  • All of our clinical trials are supported by the Joint Research Office, a partnership between UCLH and UCL that aims to ensure requirements such as finance, contracts and regulatory affairs are dealt with leaving investigators to focus solely on the research.

Looking for an internship or work experience?

The BRC cannot help directly with internships or work experience. Please go to the UCL Careers page for more information.