Clinical and Research Informatics Unit (CRIU)

The Clinical and Research Informatics Unit (CRIU) consists of a team of clinicians, AI researchers, software developers, data scientists and business intelligence analysts working together to develop a robust environment and infrastructure for the analysis of clinical data. During the current pandemic our research programme is also supporting national and international COVID-19-related initiatives.

During the current crisis, our team is supporting diverse COVID-19-related projects

COVID-19 initiatives, high-impact publications and national and international collaborations

EMAP is our UCLH translational data science platform

Our data is highly heterogeneous. CogStack facilitates retrieval and extraction of information from clinical unstructured documents

Data Explorer (DEX) is the new UCLH-dedicated portal to handle clinical data requests

Learn more about the UCLH trials discovery platform

PhD research projects, workforce training and capacity building opportunities

Explore current and future opportunities

The Research Data Concierge Service is available to researchers who are looking to use UCLH data for a research project. The service is open to researchers from UCL and UCLH as well as external researchers.