Hearing loss is the most common sensory issue, affecting an estimated 1.5 billion people world-wide and has a major impact on social, mental, and physical health. The cost of unaddressed hearing loss to the society adds up to almost $1trillion per year.

By linking multidisciplinary discovery science to clinical excellence, our Theme has:

  • Identified new hearing genes and therapeutic targets
  • Trialed regenerative hearing drugs
  • Developed innovative measures of real-world hearing ability

Why our research is important

People with hearing loss can experience communication barriers, social isolation, difficulty accessing healthcare services, and unemployment as well as increased physical and mental health challenges. Recently, hearing loss acquired in mid-life has been identified as an important risk factor for developing dementia.

Current treatments do not meet the needs of many of those suffering from hearing loss. It is important that we develop new hearing treatments and make these available to people who need them.

Our Aim

Our Theme was established in 2017 and aims to develop and deliver innovative and transformational approaches to treat hearing loss. To achieve this, we focus our research on the areas below.