Public involvement and engagement is now a major cross cutting theme in our BRC.


The BRC aims to work together with patients, the public and the research community to make UCL/UCLH a place where:

  • patients are at the heart of our research and are our partners and co-producers
  • a diverse and rich representation of patients and the public are involved in our biomedical research – we want the people we involve to be truly representative of our local communities
  • PPI is embedded as an essential part of the culture, infrastructure, support and expectations of the broad range of biomedical research – we want the UCL/UCLH research community to be one where all researchers, regardless of their research area or seniority, know how to confidently and effectively involve patients and the public
  • PPI is a positive experience for and helpful to researchers, and beneficial and rewarding for the patients and public who work with us

Patients and the public - read more about how you can get involved in our research

Researchers - read more about how we help researchers involve the public in their research


The BRC’s aim is to stimulate patient and public interest in biomedical research at UCLH/UCL in interactive and exciting ways, in particular reaching people not normally engaged with the research community. We not only want to raise people’s interest in our particular institution, but also to excite and capture people’s imagination with biomedical research in general.

Researchers - read more about media coverage of your work

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