The UCL BioResource is a panel of over 10,000 volunteers who have agreed to be approached to participate in future medical research.

Individuals with and without health conditions are represented and the size of the panel is always growing. The blood and saliva samples provide biomarkers such as DNA, these can be paired with demographic and health details to power cutting edge research into links between genes, the environment, health and disease, which enables the future of personalised medicine research.

Anyone can volunteer to be part of the UCL BioResource and we're always looking for more volunteers.

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The UCL BioResource is part of an expanding National Initiative of 13 BioResources across England. Some studies can draw on panels across all these local sites for a total of over 60,000 available participants. You can read more about the National Initiative on the NIHR BioResource Website. 

Researchers wishing to make use of the BioResource or collaborate with us are always welcome, find more information on the links to the left.

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