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Inflammation, Immunity and Immunotherapeutics

The Inflammation, Immunity and Immunotherapeutics (III) theme brings together high calibre investigators to address the healthcare burden resulting from the increasing prevalence of common chronic, progressive inflammatory/fibrotic and immune-mediated musculoskeletal, systemic, liver, respiratory and gastrointestinal (GI) diseases in our aging population.

The theme is focused on driving therapeutic progress by identifying common pathogenetic mechanisms across diseases, coupled with preclinical studies of multiple new anti-inflammatory and anti–fibrotic agents and rapid development of innovative antibody-based and cellular immunotherapies. The drive to improve outcomes for patients with serious progressive musculoskeletal, systemic, liver, lung and GI diseases associated with dysregulated immunity, inflammation and fibrosis will focus on major chronic causes of morbidity and mortality, developing novel biomarkers of disease progression and implementing biological, cell, gene and regenerative therapies.

III theme activity centres around three key aims:

Identification of novel targets for immunotherapies: Exploiting our understanding of the pathogenesis of disease to identify common mechanisms of immune dysregulation, fibrosis and inflammation that are therapeutic targets.

Functional imaging of novel biomarkers and functional imaging: Capitalising on UCL’s leading position in medical imaging and patient phenotyping to identify and evaluate effective serum/tissue and imaging biomarkers for patient stratification, disease monitoring and drug dosing/efficacy studies.

Delivering novel therapies in early phase clinical trials: Refining and extending the use of existing biologics and immunotherapies, and supporting early phase clinical trials testing novel anti-fibrotics and immunomodulatory agents.

Our Team: 
Professor Emma Morris
Inflammation, Immunity & Immunotherapeutics Theme Director
0207 794 0500 ext 22475