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Researchers have identified 44 genes linked to age-related hearing loss, giving a much clearer understanding of how the condition develops, according to a new study led by UCL and King’s College London.
Researchers and clinicians at UCLH and UCL have been highlighted in the Evening Standard’s list of the most influential people in London.
UCLH patients shared their views on how patient data should be used for research at the BRC’s sold-out event Your data, our challenge which was streamed across UCLH and UCL.
UCL has been ranked top in the UK for the number of academic articles published in digital health and named as one of the top 10 ‘innovation hotspots’ worldwide.
UCLH and UCL have begun to recruit patients from UCLH’s Cardiovascular Risk clinic for a ground-breaking study to see whether genetic information can improve our understanding of high blood pressure.
UCLH and UCL researchers are to investigate the best time to give blood thinning medicines to patients who have had a stroke linked to a type of irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation (AF) – in order to help more people avoid a second stroke.