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Training for and completing a first-time marathon “reverses” ageing of major blood vessels, with older and slower runners benefiting the most, according to research presented at a European Society of Cardiology meeting.
Researchers are set to carry out a large-scale, global study of a ground-breaking Huntington’s disease drug which is the first in the world to lower the level of the harmful huntingtin protein which causes Huntington’s.
Researchers are testing whether a new device developed at UCL that measures oxygen levels in the bladder wall can act as an early warning of deterioration in critically ill patients and those undergoing high-risk surgery.
UCL ranks second in the world and top in Europe for the number of inventions and patent applications made in relation to the revolutionary new cancer treatment CAR T-cell therapy – key markers of CAR T research activity at UCL and UCLH.
Thanks to a £1 million grant, space technology could improve the early detection and diagnosis of bowel cancer in a trial to be carried out at UCH.
A team from UCLH and UCL has seen off competition from 120 applicants to have its research paper crowned as the best of the year.