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Members of the public will quiz senior representatives from UCLH, the pharmaceutical industry, the NHS and technology fields on how patient data is used in research at the BRC’s event Your data, our challenge on 2 October
Analysis of heart structure and function using MRI can be performed significantly faster with similar precision to experts across a wide range of diseases when using automated machine learning, new research shows.
Researchers at UCL Centre for Obesity Research, led by Professor Rachel Batterham, are using brain imaging to gain a greater understanding of how the brain controls taste and appetite with the aim of developing novel approaches to treat obesity, which now affects one in four adults in the UK.
Researchers at UCLH have begun to test whether a drug can stop the growth of tumours in chordoma, a rare bone cancer which affects the spine.
UCLH researchers are testing a new drug for sudden-onset sensorineural hearing loss.
A new UK-wide partnership has been set up to transform use of cancer data to improve patient care.