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UCLH and over 100 medical and scientific organisations across the world today have called for an end to the stigma that surrounds obesity.
Researchers are building a unique toolkit able to identify which innovative hearing loss treatments can be adopted into hearing care – in one of many projects contributing to the work of the Lancet Commission on Global Hearing Health.
Researchers have applied a method based on technology used in the military to detect submarines to record brain activity in epilepsy – saying it could improve the quality of diagnosis.
UCLH and UCL researchers are applying artificial intelligence (AI) to improve and personalise treatment of juvenile lupus (known in full as Juvenile Onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, or JSLE).
A cutting-edge MRI technique to detect iron deposits in different brain regions can track declines in thinking, memory and movement in people with Parkinson’s disease, finds a new UCL-led study.
An initiative to tackle anti-microbial resistance (AMR) has announced two funding calls at its official launch this week.